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BoostSmart CAN Harness Basic Holley ECU

BoostSmart CAN Harness Basic Holley ECU

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The SwapSmart Power/CAN Harness is a cost effective alternative to our DIY connector kit for those would would rather not build your own wiring harness. This harness allows for a direct plug and play connection between the BoostSmart IO module and your Holley Terminator X, Terminator X Max and Dominator ECU. This harness does not provide a pass-though connection for the Power/CAN connector on the Holley wiring harness and should be used with a Y splitter. If you do not already have a Y splitter you should consider upgrading to our T-Harness option


Note: The Mizu P25 style connectors used for the CAN connector on the Holley wiring harness is only for 3 amps; when connecting multiple devices using this type of connector it is possible to pull more current then the connector is capable of handling. It is the end users responsibility to ensure that the total current draw for all devices connected to the Holley CAN connector does not exceed the connectors current rating. 

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