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60 Amp Smart Relay (1 Channel)

60 Amp Smart Relay (1 Channel)

The Smart Relay is a CAN BUS based relay that does not require a wired ECU output channel. The Smart Relay is compatible with the Holley Terminator X, Terminator X Max and Dominator ECU’s.

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Discover a new level of output control for your Holley Terminator X/Max, Dominator or HP ECU with the Swap Smart  Smart Relay module. This innovative device allows seamlessly integration and intelligent control of high-current electrical devices without any of the wiring complexities found when using conventional relays. 

Discover the Benefits:

  • Ditch the traditional wiring hassle and leverage the power of CAN BUS allowing you to to control multiple output channels.

  • Each Smart Relay supports 2 user selectable CAN ID's allowing you to easily setup and use multiple relay modules.

  • The Smart Relay Module was built to hold up to harsh under hood conditions, the Smart Relay is fully potted and each channel is protected from overloading by a low-profile J-Case style fuse. 

This Smart Relay features a single output that is capable of supply up to 60 amps of current making it ideal for direct control of an engine's Cooling fan or any other type of high current device.

NOTE: This device uses a sealed, non-serviceable mechanical relay. This device can not be used for PWM or anything that requires fast, receptive cycling such as a trans brake or a line lock. 

Because current requirements will vary depending on what size or type of device this is being used to control, you will need to select what size fuse you would like included with your module. The Smart Relay will always be capable of it's maximum rated current(60 amps) regardless of what fuse size you select, so you should select a fuse size that will work best for your intended application and that will be compatible with the size of the wiring you plan to use.

    Recommended Wire Size Based on Fuse:

    • 60 Amp fuse - 6 gauge wire
    • 50 Amp fuse - 8 gauge wire
    • 40 Amp fuse - 8 gauge wire 
    • 30 Amp fuse - 10 gauge wire 
    • 20 Amp fuse - 12 gauge wire 

    Wiring Harness Options:

    • DIY Connector Kit - this is the default option and includes the Smart Relay's 8 pin connector and the required terminals. The connector will accept 20 or 22 gauge TXL wire and the terminals are easily crimped with a tool such as the IWISS IWS-2820M. 

    • Holley T-Harness - This harness provides a simple method for connecting your Smart Relay to your ECU with very little work. The T-Harness plugs into your ECU's CAN connector and provides a pass-though CAN connector to allow plugging in other CAN based devices with out needing a CAN Y splitter. There is also a single ground wire that must be connected. The ground can be connected to your vehicles battery or it can simply be chassis grounded if it's more convenient.

    • Flying Lead Harness - This is the recommended option if you have replaced the factory CAN connector on your ECU with a different type of connector OR if you plan to use 2(or more) Smart Relays. This harness includes the Smart Relays 8 pin connector that has been pre-terminated with approximately 6 feet of wire. This harness allows you easily wire multiple Start Relays together. Each wire  is clearly labeled and this option will allow you to easily construct the perfect  length harness for your vehicle. 

    Smart Relay Studs:

    • Battery Post Stud: 6mm x 1.0 - 12mm of usable length 
    • Relay Output Stud: 6mm x 1.0 - 12mm of usable length 

    Choose the perfect fit for your project!

         The Smart Relay comes in several configurations

     Take control of your electrical system with the intelligence of a Smarter Relay today!


    Additional Information:

    • Holley Terminator X/ X Max requires firmware version 2.8 or higher
    • Holley Dominator/HP requires firmware version 6 or higher
    • 1 Channel relay supports CAN ID's 110 & 111
    • 2 Channel relay supports CAN ID's 120 & 121
    • 4 Channel relay supports CAN ID's 140 & 141

     All Swap Smart Smart Relays come with a 90 day warranty against manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover any type of cosmetic defects/discoloration or any damage caused by an over current condition.

    The rating of a fuse does not mean it will "blow" at the exact amperage the fuse is rated for, fuses are rated based on the amount of current a fuse is capable of holding for a predetermined amount of time. For example, a 60 amp JCase fuse is rated to hold 81 amps for at least 60 seconds, 120 amps for 4 seconds or 210 amps for .2 seconds. Repeatedly subjecting the Smart Relay to these types of over current conditions will be considered abuse.  If you would like to view the current ratings for Jcase fuses you may do so HERE 

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